Team development for today’s changing work environment.

Natural team development creates team focus and confidence.

The project is complete and has glowing reviews from all stakeholders! But better than that, the team member feels elated and enthusiastic for the next project because the work felt light and fun. Each team member engaged with each other, executing their tasks with excellence and cheering on each other. Imagine working with a team like this and consider the positive impact on your business. Is your current team performing at this level or are these things too common:

  • Projects stall because of lack of communication
  • Meetings are uncomfortable because team members are closed or hostile to each other
  • Team members do not own mistakes - which leads to blaming and finger pointing
  • Unhealthy competitiveness and power struggles erode team connection

Overcome these obstacles with our team building program. Skills our horses teach include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Connection
  • Healthy Accountability

"Learning appropriate verbal commands and movements up front definitely helped. It's definitely overwhelming though and focusing on a few things (breathing, how to hold the rope, which verbal commands, space) seemed appropriate! I was happy to have a few simple words." - Garry Polmateer

Leadership Training Leadership Training
Leadership Training Leadership Training Leadership Training

It all begins with nature.